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“Marriages are made in heaven” is the most common age-old adage whose regular usage is now replaced by “Marriages on made on Web” thanks to mushrooming online matrimonial websites. Evolution and progress of ecommerce has influenced almost every segment of world’s trade and industry bringing them online, and marriage consultants too are not an exception, who caught up with the emerging trend swiftly and updated themselves with virtual interfaces. Apart from conventional marriage consultants, the huge opportunity even encouraged professionals and businesses into flow into and get their dedicated match making ventures going.

India being largely populated next to world’s first China, and equipped with a diverse assortment of religions, castes, and sub-castes using more than two dozens of languages the process of match making is and was majorly handled by parents, relatives, and friends. With majority of population residing in villages temple priests used to and have a major role in fixing alliances. And the rise of match making websites are gradually taking over the job of the above mentioned traditional match makers.

Commerce and Industry association ASSOCHAM says the online matrimonial market is currently thousands of crores and is growing at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 60%. and we could see clear jump of 200% in these 4 years. Analysts say the strengths of online matrimony services lie in their attributes like convenience of use, cost effectiveness, time advantage, huge database of profiles et al. With India having a major part of population in the younger ages and 4th largest internet population, as well majority of educated moving abroad for greener pastures, the demand for online matrimony is growing swiftly.

fixwed.com - Advantages

“Every marriage should encourage each one of the couple to draw energy from the nature and encompassing environment to steer them in strengthening and offering significance to each other, as well demonstrating frankness and understanding towards one another”. – www.fixwed.com

Leveraging the advantageof quickly expanding online matrimony industryfixwed.comevolved into a perfect endpoint for those who are exploring for his or her life partner. Quite eminent for its extended range of services, this dedicated matrimony platform is endowed with advanced features and tools offering an extensive range of profiles in accordance with the user’s requirements. Either the user (bride or groom) can directly add the profile, or parents can add it on the person’s behalf. With scalability and integrity as its major fortes, the users can start with basic packages and move on to premium depending upon their condition. We just don’t provide a platform for profile browsing but enable novel ways of connecting.

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fixwed.com - Advantages